Monday, December 3, 2012

The Life of Pi

Do you know which movie is the mixture of Cast Away + Slumdog Millionaire + Planet Earth? But much more.

The answer is The Life of Pi. 
A film by Ang Lee, based on a popular novel of the same name. 
A story about an Indian boy who survives a shipwreck with a tiger.
Lee, has directed many classic movies such as Eat Drink Man Woman, Sense and Sensibility, Brokeback Mountain and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but also the disappointing- Hulk.

Visually The Life of Pi is stunning. Beautiful 3D images and awesome cinematography, the acting is believable but somehow I didn’t get into the story, maybe because I knew Pi will survive, or at least the tiger will not eat him. The shipwreck scene is well executed, but again I don’t have much feeling toward anyone of the crew or Gerard Depardieu (yes, he is one of the crew and his screen time is about 2 minutes) but i think Lee have his reason, why he want to use Depardieu in such a small part? The monkey and the zebra on the boat ? will bananas float?

The major problem of this film is, we have all grown up Pi telling the story right from the start. As a survival movie it's a dead give away. On the other hand this movie is a soulful treat, full of metaphor of coexistence, calm and turbulent, peace and violence, Catholic and Hindu. If God exists in the form of the nature, the Tiger is the trouble we are facing, and the ocean is Life, the life boat represents living and what we own? and what about the island? is that mean something more? this island is the life that we all wanted? all your can eat and comfortable? but it will toxicated us if we stay there to long? like bank loan? credit? sooner or later. we have to get off it and back on the life boat otherwise we will have nothing left.

The main theme of the Life of Pi is to choose what you believe, no matter religion or science, fiction or nonfiction, to have faith or not. Sooner or later we need to take side, do you want to believe a 16 years old boy spent 227 days on a life boat with a tiger in the middle of the ocean and survived? Pi wanted to be baptized and Pi is being baptized by the ocean and storm, an old me is dead and the new me is born. Can anyone prove God is real. what do you believe? will you believe if anyone tell you their experience? if we look the other way, if Pi told you is the real truth without the tiger, then it will be a very terrible turth and it will meant that his mom been killed by the chef and he have killed the chef and he will have to eat the flesh of everything left on the boat to stay alive. The turth about the real world is a cruel one, religion might be the way to make us all feel better, so what do you want to choose
This story is about faith and I want to love this movie, but something is missing. I can’t pinpoint it! The timing seems off, it almost boring. The CGI is magical like the BBC documentary Planet Earth, the problem is that you know this is not real but a computer work and like someone playing a magic trick you can’t look too close, like the part in the film, when the tiger grabs a goat through the metal bars, what just happened there?Lee is trying to tell us something and main parts of the " story " we know theres something missing, the story is not 100%, something is hidden but what is it ? because this is not a fairy tell but in fact a very brutal story.

Many times now I got disappointed after I went to cinema, I can’t help but ask myself, why they don’t make movies like they used to? Movies like The Shaw Shank Redemption, Forest Gump? The Life of Pi is something else, this movie is more than what you see, behide all the 3D and beautiful image there is something darker just like in the opening, you see all the animals. your first impression will be amaze on how beautiful the all are? but this story is telling you. if you think something is beautiful. you've already make a choice on what to beleive. 

 I like Ang Lee’s movies and I love movies and I will never give them up.  Like Pi said “Above all... it is important not to lose hope".

The Life of Pi, is more than a movie, every sence have it own meaning and Lee want us to see beyond this movie, he want us to see the world differently, maybe we are just like those japanese insurance officer and the writer, now you know the story, it's now our choice to make it our own but doesnt change the fact that we are living today. This is Lee's version of Pi , Same story but with different Soul.
The Life of Pi could be the best film of 2012

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