Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pink Martini

I was in Paris many years ago and that was the first time I listen to Pink Martini at Virgin record Mega Store. It was a cold afternoon, just walked out the cinema from “Amilie”, wondering along the famous Champs-Élysées between the tree-line, everything was so strangely familiar, wanted to buy a CD that would remind me of this time, this is almost a traditions of my own, every country I go I buy a CD to be part of the memory, I also collect bus and train tickets but that is another story.

Pink Martini gave me the impression that they are a European group and later I found out they are from Portland, USA, lead by pianist Thomas Lauderdale. The CD “Sympathique” was in my hand and the song Amado Mio caught my attention. If you know the old movie classic, you will know this is the song from Gilda with Rita Hayworth, I closed my eyes and imagined Rita is dancing  

 ... Amado Mio, when we're together. I'm in a dream world. 
of sweet delight. Many times I've whispered ...

Pink Martini‘s music spent more than 10 years with me, from Sympathique, Hang on Little Tomato, Hey Eugene! till 2012, finally saw them live in Barcelona. Almost 2 hours of stylish music, audience clapped and sang together, although China Forbes could not be here due to the recovery from her vocal chord surgery, but the replacement singer Strom Large is almost as good if not better. She has an amazing sexy energy and knows how to have fun with the audience. Little bit of shaking and twisting, she invited some girls to be on stage to dance to the song “Tuca Tuca” with her and at this time everybody in theater was dancing with them.

The first time I heard Nat king Cole when I was five, since then my taste of music is always swimming in the element of Jazz, Classical, Tango, Latin music from Stan Getz, Antonio Jobim, Frank Sinatra,Chet Baker, Billie Holiday, Harry James, Miles David, Debussy, Mozart and so on, one minute, I am in Rio and suddenly I am waking up in Japan and hear the voice of Saori Yuki singing "Mayonaka no Bossa Nova".

All of the good old music rather it is the sensitive sound of a piano and the smooth touch of orchestra with string or the dramatic big bang with brass. They are all became part of my DNA, and now I have pink Martini, the little orchestra to prove that I am not the only one. Somewhere in this world at this very moment, someone is playing my favorite tune, singing my favorite song, the beautiful ballads with the charming lyrics. Pink Martini makes it possible and doing it fun like a sweet treat. They put the sound to the word beautiful. They put the rhythm into my life and I hear the sound of “Brazil” everywhere I go, dance with that pretty girl I love with “Never stop falling in love “ so, come with me, enjoy their music, enjoy life, living is a wonderful thing.

Christmas is on the way, this is the best time to get to know them by getting their holiday Album ‘Joy To The World’ and buy their collection CD “A Retrospective“ as a gift.  My dream is someday I can sing with Pink Martini but for now I might just make one to drink.

1 part gin
2 parts vermouth
½ part guava nectar or juice
Dash of Cherry brandy

Shake well with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with raspberries if you like.

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