Monday, December 10, 2012

Phở Bar

When I found this restaurant called themselves Phở, clearly they are proud of their Pho, you can read about it on their website,  the owner learnt the recipe from the aunt in Brisbane, Australia and they brought that taste to Barcelona.

I have read many good reviews about this place, so I decided to go and the result was rather disappointing. First, I have to say about the Vietnamese fried spring roll (CHẢ GIÒ).  How do we know the difference between Vietnamese spring roll and the Chinese one? Beside the filing is the wrapping. Vietnamese spring roll should use rice paper not the wrapping used on the Chinese spring roll. And the not enough filling inside the roll  and they should put in more glass noodles in it, if there’s any at all. 

Second, the summer roll. It looks good but lacks of taste. They should put the mint leaves and garlic chive in side, they cut the carrot a bit too thick and the hoisin dipping sauce, I don’t know if their sauce mixed with smooth peanut butter, crush garlic and  white vinegar but it tasted very thin. Also  instead of roasted sesame they should replace it with crushed roasted peanut instead, it will give the roll a better taste.  

Now the Phở Bo (beef rice noodle soup).  I am glad they gave me a plate of garnish,  bean spout, lime wedges, chopped chilli, basil and the soup “smell” right. But once I taste the broth, my excitement was  gone and I want to taste it again just  to be sure but it confirmed. The broth doesn’t have enough taste or I should say I only tasted some spices and salt but where is the beef? And the rice noodle is not cooked right.  The beef is not sliced way too small. For those who love Phở and know the best will understand my feeling. Every looks right but just doesn’t taste right.

And how about the Avocado ice cream (KEM TRÁI BƠ)? It doesn’t taste much like avocado more like almond, it's not bad  but it’s not something I would order again.

I know I am picky, but if a restaurant called themselves Authentic then there’s a few basic things they have to do right. If I have to come all the way to taste something that is not better than my own cooking then why I am here for? But then again, "Not everyone can cook at home." Yes, I know but that’s exactly why place like this should even do better.

Phở noodle bar, I think it’s ok if you don’t expect much and just want to have a bowl of beef rice noodle soup.  Being a restaurant  needs to be generous about ingredients and serve. Must make the broth thicker and taste better, put more beef and bone (not just beef bone), chicken bone also. 2 spring rolls on a plate? why not 3? can not save on ingredients because that’s the taste and label  especially as pho bar. The broth should be their soul.  Don’t compare this place to anything you have tried from Brisbane even that’s where they said they learn the recipe from. Nothing great and I hope they will improve but the good news is that they are better than the one I had, called “Bun Bo”, at least Pho Bar taste a bit closer to the good one. And you know they are trying because they did the nuco cham  (the fish sauce dipping) quite right when bun bo only gives you some sweet chilli, some say “Its ok. I don’t mind if they give me tomato sauce …”  I sigh……

Phở Bar | Calle Sepúlveda 159, Barcelona

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