Friday, November 23, 2012

Tickets Tapas Bar Barcelona

“Great Experience”,  “Amazing “,  “The best “ you will hear all the comments about this Tapas Bar  - Tickets. Own by the world famous chef brothers Ferran and Albert Adria,  a new creation after they closed the best restaurant in the world El Bulli.

Tickets is in the centre of Barcelona near the Plaza Espana. Unlike El Bulli which was 3 hours away located in Rose, so now, it will be  much easier for people to make the booking and to get in. You will think, right? But unfortunately you can only make the booking via the internet on their website, I did made a booking 2 months in advance because that was the only time I could get and I was with great hope. But shocking disappointed after I‘ve been there and I felt a bit silly.

Not that I don’t find it fun. I think it was pretty interesting food bar, interesting deco and very bright and flashy lighting with TV with images of their food creation but only for the first 10 minutes. 
                                                  I  looked around and saw almost every table ordered the same food. I guess most people came here for the same reason is to experience Adria’s work, their famous liquid olive, cheese puffs…but one after another of those "exciting tapas", my hope disappeared because I really don’t find it great. Maybe because many food critics like those are from NY Times and Michelin food guide have rave about it but I was really underwhelm. 

The Liquid olive, which suppose to have explosion in your mouth because the taste is intensive they said, but I rather make the olives myself and it taste much better.
Confit tuna belly - taste like can food. 
Avocado cannelloni with crab meat – beautiful presentation but it is just like crab meat avocado suishi with out seaweed.  But the most shocking to me was the spicy tuna belly cone - I am a big fan of tuna belly and this is the worst I had. 
“Mollete” with double chin - a thin pork meat with a soft bun which to me nothing special just pork and bun and the pork were so thin you can hardly even taste it.
Confit potatos with pork rib juice with boil ham – if you really like potatoes and boil ham, my opinion is don’t order it here because a place call Ciutat Comtal does it better.

I am not trying to go into every plate I ordered but all of them are pretty disappointing and their desserts was a joke, maybe that’s what they are aming for? make people to have a laughing experience? but I am not laughing at all.

White chocolate with green tea and the liquid bailey’s chocolate, both sounds great but that’s about it . The white chocolate is ok but  it kind of taste like Aero and the texture is a bit like it too. I guess when you read on the menu and it said “Liquid Bailey’s” you would think that must be something special but No , it was  just Bailey’s mixed with chocolate. I am not sure what exactly they have done to it? But from what i tasted I guess anyone can do it at home if you know what Bailey’s is and mind you Bailey’s is in fact in” liquid” form.

I am not impressed and I just wonder what El Bulli was like? I am not a big fan of molecular cooking maybe that’s the reason? I also wonder who does the voting? Who are the critics? What kind of food culture they came from? Are they all Europeans? I respect Ferran I think he did created something different but I really don’t care for the taste if there’s any taste at all. After trying all the plates, I feel lucky that I don’t have to drive 3 hours to try the liquid olive and I can certainly do the liquid Bailey’s with what ever I like at home but then again, maybe I expected too much because even Ferran have once said and I quote: "the ideal customer doesn't come to El Bulli to eat but to have an experience." So asking for good taste maybe is a bit much.

The best tapas place I have tried so far is Ciutat Comtal in Barcelona and Fuego Nergo in San Sebsatian, I am sure you will be happy there if you want to eat , even they can’t give you the Adria’s experience.

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