Monday, November 26, 2012

Barcelona - Sagrada Família

If possible, everyone should pay a visit to Sagrada Familia, at least once in a life time. This is not just a building or a church but it represents our dream and to make it come true and yes, even if it has to take 100 years.
If you have a chance to come, you will be amazed with Gaudi’s imagination and vision. No matter he was crazy or not. He was a man ahead of our time. He was living outside the square and dare to challenge the limitation of human mind .
Gaudi's designed the Lanterns and lamps in Plaza Reial, Passeig de Gràcia and some part of Las Ramblas , he also designed the fountains and gates for Cuitadella Park, "the garden of Barcelona" and don’t forget “ La Pedrera” - Casa Mila. Many of his works has became a part of Barcelona and also changed how this city looks. Some of them were funded by his friend Guell, included the famous Parc Guell. His style is unique and easy to recognized, such as the blue lizard. I always think the Catalan people are more cultural and romantic than the Spainish because of Gaudi.

Ok , I don’t want to write a report about Gaudi and I am sure everyone can google it. What I want to say is what if I invite him for dinner. What will he want to eat? seafood? Since he was a Catalan…Seafood paella? Imagine having dinner with him and listen to him to talk about his work? Do you think he will ever work in the movie as a set designer? Did he talked about women? But I am sure that he had no interest in fashion and I will not mention Tram to him.

Gaudi set in front of me and looking at the glass of wine I poured for him

Gaudi: You should know that I do not drink.  
Me: I am sorry I can’t believe everything that Google said about you , Do you like your paella?
Gaudi: The seafood in my day tasted much better and this muscles reminds me of my design..
Me: I know this sounds a bit strange but do you know the color of the taxi in Barcelona is black and yellow because they are grieving for you?
Gaudi: If they are grieving, then why there weren’t any taxi stop for me still?  
I looked at his old clothes and think he must wearing the same thing since 1926.

If you visited Palau Guell, you must noticed that Gaudi loves details, everything from a door handle to a rooftop.

Me: Can you design my new home? I know you did it for Guell, I don’t need anything fancy just a few touch of you and I will be very happy.
Gaudi: Jajaj, ok , just let me finish Sagarda Familia first, then I will help you to do yours.

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