Sunday, November 25, 2012

Barcelona - La Rambla 2012

If Paris is beautiful like a mature woman with Class then Barcelona will be like a woman filled with curiosity and enjoying life. Barcelona is unique and special, compared with many European cities.

I have been living in Barcelona for quite some time now and I noticed this city is like a treasure waiting to be discovered, to me this is a city of Art if you open your eyes and look around . Barcelona is a city that belongs to Catalan people, they don’t agreed with the Spanish Government and want to be independent. I am not going into it because politic can be quite boring for some.

La Rambles is a famous street filled with different people from around the world . it’s also a heaven for pickpocket, often you will see women crying because their handbag has been picked ; perhaps men cries too ,only they can’t show it and at night you will see some “working girl” stand around the beautiful and classy Liceu theater or at one end of the rambles but lets not talk about that because it sounded a bit negative .

So, lets talk about the good things . I love this street because its full of energy and it have all the little kiosks that sells souvenirs . ice cream, flowers or even mini rabbits . Along the street are the highly entertaining street cafés , even though the price is a bit higher and the food is not so good – unless you enjoy frozen paella - but will be all worth it because watching people walking in front of you like fashion show is just plain fun. You will learn most people doesn’t have much fashion sense but every now and then you will see either a female or male walked passed with some kind of style or confident and that’s such a breath of fresh air.

You can also see the punk , the drunk ,the hipster the hippies , the rapper, the gays or lesbians, the fat and the slim. the suit . the young and the old , the tall and short , those guys trying to sell the annoying bird whistle, the guy wearing pink short , I mean everyone .. some look like models and some look like homeless and that girl just walked in front of me must be an American.

What a show... Street performers, Human Statues , Restaurants and Shops, you can stop by “Plaça Reial” and have a quick look at the lantern designed by Gaudi. If you love food, you can walk into “la Boqueria “get a juice and taste some Jamon,you are in one of the best market in the world might as well just grab some lunch “Taktika Berri "and "El Quim de la Boqueria” actually is pretty good if you don’t mind to wait..

Everyone can get what they want and They're are all on this one Street. This miles long street is busy from the morning ‘til late ,just like that song “ All day, All night ….” and a bit touristic but that’s just what is it, just like the strip in Las Vegas or Canton Road in Hong Kong.  

So ,have some fun , buy a beer and find somewhere to sit and watch the world go by. You might think it's just a street but I'm sure you will regret if you didn’t spend anytime here.

Don’t worry so much just enjoy your life and I know you are curious .
Welcome to Barcelona and I better put my sunglasses back on because someone is watching.

Restaurant that worth a go :
Attic Restaurante , La Rambla, 120 Barcelona

Bar lobo ,Carrer Pintor Fortuny, 3  Barcelona

Les Quinze Nits, Plaza Reial, 6 Barcelona,

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