Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tortilla - Spanish Omelette

    2 eggs
    1 potato, cubed and boiled until half cooked 
    Half of onion, Chopped
    4 slices of spicy salami, chopped up or  dice bacon
    4 tsp of Aioli (garlic mayonnaise)
    Olive oil and Butter
    1/3 cup of flour x 2 tsp of Milk
    Salt to taste

1. Put a frying pan with 3 tsp of olive oil and fry the chopped onion with 1/2 tsp sugar and butter, fry until the onions are fully caramelized.

2. Add in the chopped salami and fry with the onion.

3. Add the half cooked potato and stir with the chopped onion and salami, add 2 tsp of Aioli, pepper, salt and garlic salt to taste,  pan frying it slowly until the potatos are tender and fully cooked then take off the fire.

4. Mix  flour with Milk , beat 2 eggs together and then stir in the potatoes and onion mixture.

5.  Heat olive oil on medium heat in a small to medium non stick frying pan, and pour the eggs and potato mixture into the frying pan and give the pan a quick spin so the surface will brown evenly, this is important for the omelette to be crisp around the edges but we don't want it over cook, so carefully lift up one side and see if the omelet is slightly "browned" if so then it's time to flip  the omelet to cook the other side.

6. Place a large dinner plate upside down over the frying pan. With one hand on the frying pan, quickly turn the frying pan over and the omelet will “fall” onto the plate.

7. Place the frying pan back on the fire and put just enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan, put the Tortilla back  in the pan and cook for other 20 sec and turn off heat and place the tortilla on the plate, remember this version of tortilla should be brown on both side and creamy in side, spread on some Alioi and sprinkle some dry parsley to serve.

 If you want to make a smaller  Tortilla, put less ingredients, or put more when you want to have it big. You can put anything you want inside, some people I know even put cheese, some like it dry inside and some like it soft, it is really up to you. Important thing is to make it tasty, the first time maybe is not good enough but I am sure if you keep doing it, someday you will master it and your Spanish friends will be proud.

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