Saturday, January 19, 2013

Anna Karenina

All I can say is, Anna Karenina is a disappointment and a fail attempt to make a movie out of a great classical novel. I am very confused about what is the director Joe Wright want to show us, I can only see this movie is a mess. I was looking forward to this film, when I said film, I expected this film to be like "The Last Emperor", "Elizabeth",  "Gandhi" etc, but instead the director gave us a "Moulin Rouge on Absinthe MTV", it is totally out of control and led me to think they do the film like a theater just because they don't have the budget for locations. They keep changing the setsI can't even focus on where and who they are, they show you a toy train turned into a backstage, then suddenly everybody are dancing and no, its not the ball room yet ... everything in this film looks fake and so is the emotions of the characters, all the actors acted like toys under the director's command, I assume. Jude Law is doing his best but since the whole setting of this movie is distractingI can't see his experssion very well and for Keira Knightly as Anna is seriously a miscast, I see Keira acting her self and dress up like a Imperial Russian girl, but I don't see her as Anna at all. Yes, I  know she is not Meryl Steep but can she try to speak with Russian accent in the movie? actually not just her but everyone in this film.  I know they said don't ever compare the movie to the novel, but this is just way out of line. If they call this movie other name it could be better.  

Many people said the visual part is great in this film and I disagree,  the whole film is over done and lame, I can see the director is trying to experiment a new approach to Tolstoy but making a non musical dancing movie surely not a good idea. Maybe the director wants to show us how fake the Russian society was in that time and that's what Anna has to deal with? or maybe the director doesn't want us to compare this film to "The Age of Innocence"  that's why he has a stage play on film with moving back ground. I don't know how the Russian people will react to this film. Yes, the dress might look good but are they matching the time period? Wait I cant really tell because the restaurant now has turned into a bed room.

Anna Karenina is a story about jealousy and heartbreak but this movie makes me so jealous that Joe can have an opportunity to direct this film but I am sure I can do a better job than him breaking my heart. 

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