Thursday, January 31, 2013

Silver Linings Playbook

One of the best movies this year... They say and I don't see it.
Is Bradley Cooper a Best Actor? I think not.

If the critics call this movie just a usual romantic comedy - drama, I will take it, but once they are trying to push it to be an Oscar Best Picture or call it the best movie of the year then right away it becomes a major turn off to me, I don't know why this movie and Bradley will get the nomination,  when this film is not as good as "When Harry met Sally", "Garden State" or  "As good as it gets"?..

Maybe I am a bit bipolar right now because I don't understand why everyone thinks this movie is so amazing? Are those people being paid to say that? Or they have watched the uncut version? I don't understand why this movie to be nominated for 8, yes you are right ...  8 Oscars! The only nomination I agree with is best supporting actor and beside that, the other reason I can think of is that the Oscar  are trying to build a movie up to be the Oscar best picture, so they need something weaker to do it, so the Silver Linings is just that. Or maybe they don't have any other choice? Who  are the judges anyway? Bradley Cooper doesn't act very well and almost like he wasn't there for the whole film, he is not convincing as a bipolar patient. Oh wait, maybe that's the method acting, he actually was on Effexor.

From experiences,  I happened to know a few people have OCD or BPD and I can tell you, no one can really feel better just by themselves and drugs can only do little help with their mood swing but it will never fix anyone,  they can try their best to control it tho, but in the end it is not as easy as it seems in this movie, obviously Bradley or the director hasn't done much research, somehow I think he didn't even read about bi-polar disorder. Yes, they can shout and panic under stress, but the truth is mostly they will just shut down and don't want to interact with anyone, they are living in their own world, they will cry and depress with no reason, but when they panic and stress is because some kind of emotion triggers them so they will be filled with emotion – there is a scene where Bradley is screaming but you can't see him with any emotion at all, comparing to Robert De Niro with his great supporting character here, his role as a father who has OCD is just brilliant and he really seems to do it just right. This is De Niro's best performance in quite a while and I think he is now in other level of Acting.
He is famous to lead and act in a way that will make every actor around him come alive because he just knows the method and how, he understands acting and how the camera works, he can make someone acting without their knowing, just like in Ragging Bull, De Niro asks Pesci "Did you fuck my wife?" both him and Scorsese did not tell Pesci that the script called for him to be attacked. So, if you think Bradley doing well with De Niro together, I think is because De Niro knows how to make Bradley to act with him. I really hope to see more of the relationship of De Niro and Jakie Waver, I think it could be more interesting movie to watch and they are much better Actors than both Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Copper. 
Oh, Jennifer Lawrence also nominated? Whats wrong with you Oscar? She is doing a good job but not really a Oscar worthy performance but then again, she is much better than Bradley. I don't want to make this to be a Bradley hate mail, so i better stop now.

Overall, Sliver Linings Playbook is a OK film, forget about the flaws, It has some good comedy moments, some great performances and is a fairly good film to watch  but I don't see it should get any Oscars – but then you never know because this could be the sliver lining film.

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