Thursday, August 1, 2013


In this over long 143 Minutes of Man of Steel.  The first 10 minutes reminds me of Avatar, the last 30 minutes reminds me of Avenger and then you have a little bit of Martix, a little bit of Transformer , little bit of Star Wars, The war of the world and Independent day , mixed with the dark world of Batman Begins and you got this new superman. To be honest. I was really excited to see this movie, I am a fan and superman was my first " superhero" but I almost fall asleep during the movie and i can't believe myself wanted to leave in the mid of this supermess. I have to say, this movie is really boring.
I thought they will do something new and exciting but sadly this is just another Alien-want- to- take over- the world- movie, I have seen it all but this is suppose to be a superman movie? right?

This movie does not do justice to Superman, Not even for a person who doesn't know anything about Superman and if you are a die hard fan then this movie is going to be a disappointment. The biggest problem of this film is because it doesn't make sense, unlike Avatar, Matrix or even Iron Man  they created a universe that have their own logic therefore the audience can get into the film.

To me what's make superman good is his care for human but in man of Steel , he didn't seems to care that much. In many fight scenes, he throws a bad guy through buildings? I don't think so , superman will never do such thing,  superman will lure the bad guys far away from the city , fight over a mountain or ocean, even if the fight have to take place in the city, superman will always save the people 1st , and also you really don't know why he will like people so much? he spent all his life being called  freak or weirdo and it seems like no one ever like him at least that's this story suggested, same thing is you don't know why all of the sudden without real interaction, Clark and Lois falls in love , how did it happen? one key element of Superman is the romance and how Clark try to hide that he is superman, now Lois know who he is then the film become less interesting and it disconnected with the Audience., the only secret and the bond between us and superman is no more. now we are just people who is watching how SUPERMAN flying and destroy every building, the good old fun that he will try his best not to damage anything and protect people part is gone and superman now is just become a "HOT" guy who can fly.

Sure, it looks great and the special effects are generally well done. But some people need their movies to at least make some sense. Maybe all superhero now days need a dark side even superman.

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